Instruction - AXYZ CNC Router



Operation of this equipment requires the completion of the CNC Router Certification workshop.  Do not operate this equipment until you have been authorized for use.

Warnings and Cautions

  • Use of this machine is at the operators risk.  Any damage to the equipment by the user through negligence or improper operation will be billed back to the operator.
  • Never leave the table unattended while the machine is in operation.  
  • Damage to the pressure foot cylinders by material collision will be billed back to to the operator.
  • Report all accidents or damage to the machine or spoil-board immediately to the attendant on duty.  Failure to report damage or accidents may result in loss of ability for the operator to use the machine.
  • Failure to clean up after use may result in a $50 cleaning fee billed to the operator.

Startup and Shutdown


    1. Turn on 3 Phase generator in tool room
    2. Press power button on machine
    3. Wait for startup routine to complete
    4. Say YES to home machine
    5. If machine has not been used in last few hours, say YES to warmup


    1. Ensure that collets and endmills are removed from spindle
    2. Return gantry to home position
    3. Return tools to proper place
    4. Turn off power button on machine (Always turn this off BEFORE turning off 3 Phase)
    5. Turn off 3 Phase generator in Tool Room

Preparing material and tooling

    1. Load Collet and Endmill into spindle
    2. Use F25.{toolnumber} to set tool height
    3. Attach pressure foot
    4. Load Material
    5. Secure Material
    6. Set Home Position (F10)
    7. Load Job 
    8. Start

Command Reference

CNC Day 2 Document

Tool Number Catalog

 Spiral Chipload Calculator (Excel)

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