Digital Fabrication

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At NewMakeIt our digital fabrication consists of our Lasers, CNC Machinery, 3D printers and Plasma Cutter. 
  • 3D Printers – We have multiple 3D printers using such printing processes as FDM and Resin. Prototype your ideas using our printers.
  • Laser Machines – Two Epilog laser machines (HELIX 75W, Mini 60W) are available to quickly cut and etch those 2D parts.
  • CNC Machinery – With three machines onsite (AXYZ 5′ x 9′ Router, Tormach PCNC 1100, 4'x4' Plasma CNC), you can undertake 2D, 2.5D and 3D projects in materials ranging from wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals (aluminum copper, bronze) to ferrous metals such as mild and stainless steel.

Our digital fabrication areas wealth of digital tools and equipment for the industrial-minded maker to prototype or build whatever they envision. From the latest in digital fabrication and CNC machinery, NewMakeIt is the spot to see your projects through from start to finish.

Epilog Lasers

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Tormach - CNC Milling

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