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Software - Corel Draw for the Laser - Beginners Class

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While basic operating of a laser cutting machine is taught on our Laser Certification Course, being able to actualize project designs using them can require years of experience. Let us help you understand the basics of designing in Corel Draw. 

Learn subtle techniques to improve results in our hands-on Corel Draw Workshop. You’ll get ahead of the game, by learning everything from the basics in raster and cutting design and operations to save you time and frustrations.

This course is designed for beginners.

  • Learn the basics of designing in Corel Draw
  • Use Corel Draw designs with the Epilog Laser

Topics Include:

  • Touring the Interface
  • Setting up for Epilog Lasers
  • The Toolbox and most common tools
  • Working with Fonts
  • Working with Objects
  • Understanding Import and Export options

Software Required:

To attend this course you will need a Corel Draw (x8 or above) and a PC laptop. Please ensure this version works a day before your class. If you would like to purchase an Educational License through NewMakeIt, please contact us directly. 

Meet the Instructor: 

Zoe Clements

Zoe is our in-house Laser Expert and Laser Artist. Zoe started many years ago in NewMakeIt as one of our first members. Her Laser Artist business could not have grown without being a member. Over the years she has taught her Laser and Corel skills here and for Epilog. 


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