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Software - Fusion 360 - Beginners Class - 11th January

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Fusion 360 is an awesome tool however can be very daunting. Our Fusion 360 Software Introductory course is great for beginners and those interested in getting started with creating 2D and creating CAD models. This course is 3 hours long. 

Fusion 360 is used for our CNC Milling Machine and this level of understanding is needed to join our CNC Milling course later in the year.    

This course is designed for beginners.

  1. Overview of Fusion 360 software layout and commands.
  2. Creation of sketch and dimensions.
  3. Use sketch for making a solid model

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create a 2D sketch using Line, Arc, and Rectangle functions.
  • Add sketch dimensions using the Sketch Dimension function.
  • Use the created sketch to create a solid model using the Extrude, Cut, and Boss functions
  • Change views and perspectives of created solid using the Pan, Zoom, and Rotate functions.

Software Required:

To attend this course you will need a new version of Fusion 360. You can download a trial version of this and please ensure this version works a day before your class. Click here to view the various Free Trial Options.

If you would like to purchase an Educational License through NewMakeIt, please contact us directly. 

Meet the Instructor:

Anand Sihra


621 Timothy St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 1R3, Canada