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Workshops & Certification Courses

Up your knowledge and hone your skills with our diverse and interactive courses

Expand your mind and improve your skills through hands-on learning across a comprehensive range of subjects led by experienced and informed instructors. NewMakeIt’s ongoing series of educational workshops and classes are designed to help you enhance your skills, and grow personally and professionally.

Click on any of the workshops listed below to see more details.  You can reserve your spot by clicking on the Course Title.



Money & Taxes with Blue Sky Accounting
Hosted by: York Region Handcrafted Makers Association
Thursday, March 29th, 6pm-9pm

Join Kenneth Bowers from Blue Sky Accounting & Management for an informative round table chat about small business finance and taxes pertaining to your creative business. With tax season just around the corner, you don’t want to miss this workshop!

Triple P Parenting Workshop: Developing Healthy Bedtime Routines
Hosted by: Life with a Baby
Friday, April 13th, 10am-12pm

This discussion topic explores different problems parents commonly face at bedtime and some of the reasons why they happen. The skills children need to get into a good bedtime routine are discussed and parents are introduced to positive parenting strategies to help prevent problems.

Triple P Parenting Workshop: Managing Fighting & Aggression 
Hosted by: Life with a Baby
Thursday, May 3rd, 10am-12pm

In this session, parents are encouraged to share their experiences of aggressive and destructive behavior from their children and discuss some of the reasons children fight.  This group covers the skills that children need to be able to cooperate and get along with others. Parents learn how to teach skills such as sharing, communicating, and being gentle.   They also prepare plans to manage times when fighting and aggression do occur.

Triple P Parenting Workshop: Dealing With Disobedience
Hosted by: Life with a Baby
Thursday, June 7th, 10am-12pm

This discussion topic provides examples of common forms of disobedience and some reasons why children have difficulty learning to follow instructions. A number of positive parenting strategies are then introduced to help parents develop a personal plan to prevent disobedience, teach their child limits, and also to manage disobedience when necessary.



3D Printing Certification
Monday, March 19th, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Monday, April 16th, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Monday, May 14th, 6:30pm-9:30pm

This workshop is tailored to individuals that would like to become certified and start using the 3D printing resources available at NewMakeIt. The course will consist of instruction, Q&A and a demo.

Introduction to the CNC (Router) 
Thursday, March 22nd, 7pm-9pm
Thursday, May 3rd, 7pm-9pm

Thursday, June 14th, 7pm-9pm

This course is designed to give participants an introduction in to the core concepts and considerations in preparing a 2D program to be machined on a CNC router.

Introduction to CAD: Modeling in Fusion 360
Thursday, April 19th, 7pm-10pm
Thursday, June 21st, 7pm-10pm

This is an introductory level course in to the world of Computer Aided Design, using Autodesk Fusion 360. This course will cover some of the basic principles of CAD, the rudimentary elements of the software interface, and basic modeling using primitives and solids.

Epilog Laser Certification 
Weekly on Tuesday evenings (unless otherwise stated), 6:30pm-9:30pm

This workshop will certify NewMakeIt members and visitors on the safe operation of our Epilog Helix 75 watt laser cutter.

Standard First Aid & CPR (online & in class format) 
Sunday May 6th, 9am-5pm
Friday, June 22nd, 9am-5pm

This certification course is offered in a blended format, the first part being online and the second part being in class.  There are two in class options, Sunday May 6th or Friday, June 22nd.  Please complete the online portion ine week before the in class date.

Emergency First Aid & CPR (online & in class format) 
Friday, June 29th, 9am-2pm

This certification course is offered in a blended format, the first part being online and the second part being in class.  The in class date will be Friday, June 29th.  Please complete the online portion ine week before the in class date.



Babysitting Course 
Monday, June 4th, 9am-5pm

This newly revised and updated Red Cross course is for kids ages 11-15 years old who want to learn how to provide care for younger children and promote themselves as a babysitter to prospective parents. The new manuals include more first aid content making our new babysitters even more prepared.

Home Alone Course
Sunday, April 8th, 10am-3pm

Teaching kids how to safely stay home alone is an important life skill. This Red Cross program called 'Stay Safe' is designed for kids ages 9-13.

Sunday 2pm-3:30pm, April 29th
Field Trip Dates: April 2018, May 2018
For grades 1-8

MISSION GOAL: to familiarize students with “all things space”!  Missions include four in class dates and four field trips!


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