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Maker Mentor

Do you require some guidance or help on the shop floor when working on  a project? Maybe you have a question on how to use a piece of woodworking or metalworking equipment?

The Maker Mentor program connects you to knowledgeable makers who help you get going in the right direction.  The program is for anyone, not just members, and is free of charge.  Maker Mentors volunteer their time so contact us at and find out when the next drop in session is.  


Maker Mentor:  Andrew Harasymiw


Welcome to our newest Maker Mentor Andrew Harasymiw!  Andrew spent his career in technology and is a creative maker.  He works in metal, wood, plastic and more!  In fact, one of his gigs is to recycle and cut down plastic and offer it to the crafting market.  How resourceful!

Andrew's motto is 'need something? dive in and do it yourself' - decide what you want to make, figure it out and just get to it.   He can help you with a wide range of things:  want to build yourself a computer, Andrew can help you!  need to figure out the best way to go about building a simple wood box, how about your first metal project after a NewMakeIt workshop, or just need a little more help with the laser, Andrew can help you!  

Andrew is a member at NewMakeIt so you can catch him while he is here working on his next project.  He would love to hear about your project and share his expertise if he can!  Contact us and we'll let you know when he is planning to visit us next and then just drop by!  


Maker Mentor: Martin Klose  

Martin offers his time and expertise in your residential plumbing or basic pipefitting needs.

During Martin's career, he was certified as a plumber, pipefitter, gasfitter and steamfitter. Over the many years of service, he continued upgrading his skills and techniques in night school even acquired his master plumber certification. His work experiences span from residential construction to large industrial worksites, including Dofasco, the casino in Niagara Falls and the Suncor Oil Refinery in Alberta. You can even check out his work on the airlines that power many of our tools at NewMakeIt.

Martin visits on a regular basis, so please contact us if you have a question about your home plumbing of pipefitting project - we'll let you know when he is planning to visit us next.  Come with your issue, bring photos or even small parts (don't bring in the whole kitchen sink!) to discuss what needs to be done and he can get you going in the right direction.


Maker Mentor: Bryan Coughlin 

Bryan Coughlin, a retired high school shop teacher, has brought a wealth of making experience and knowledge to the member community of NewMakeIt. He provided expertise in the setup and configuration of machine shop equipment and conducted a number of workshops on the proper and safe use of them.


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