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COVID-19 Update

Hello NewMakeIt Members and Patrons,
I hope everyone is doing well. We have been very busy working with Southlake Regional Health Centre, the Newmarket Public Library, the Ontario PPE Collective and other groups to create face shields and other PPE for local hospitals and health care centres. We begin mass production on Monday.
We are also working to provide support for our members. Starting on Monday, April 13 at 9am we will allow entrepreneur and small business users to access the facility to work on customer orders. During this time, it’s important that we maintain very strict rules on who can be in the facility and when, so that we can ensure everyone’s safety. For this reason, access to the facility will be by appointment only. We will not allow any walk-in traffic. Each area will be restricted to a single worker at a time and every effort will be in place to uphold physical distancing. 
We hope to be able to open this up to our hobbyist members as soon as possible, but for the time being, only entrepreneur and business members may use our facility. All memberships, except for those that will be using the facility will remain on hold. 
For entrepreneur and business members that wish to access the facility, you will need to book your time by sending an E-mail to (Do NOT book on Skedda.) The E-mail must include the following items:
  •  Subject:  Time Booking
  •  Body:  
    • Name and phone number
    • Equipment being booked (laser, CNC, Tormach, Woodshop, Metalshop, Finishing Room, Ceramics, etc)
    • Requested time and duration
There is no restriction on how far out you can book at this time. We prefer that you book as far in advance as possible to help ensure you get the time that you need.  You may book multiple areas in the same day, but times may not overlap and you may not book each area more than once per day. Bookings are first come first served, based on time the request is sent. 
We will be checking mail constantly and will respond as quickly as possible. We will either confirm your booking time or provide alternate times based on availability. Do not come to the facility unless you have received a confirmation of your time.
The following equipment / areas will be available for booking for 1 person, with a total maximum of 5 people in the building at any one time:
Epilog Lasers                                             max 2 hours 
AXYZ CNC Router                                     max 3 hours
Pottery and ceramics area                         max 2 hours
Metalshop (including Tormach)                  max 3 hours
Woodshop (except CNC)                           max 3 hours
Best Regards,
Ryan Dibisch
Executive Director

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