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Below are a list of resources that you can refer to when needed:



1. Safety. Always wear proper protection while working with machines. Eye protection is mandatory while hearing and safety footwear is optional. Only closed-toed footwear is to be worn in the fabrication area and gloves are not be used when operating machinery, nor should jewellery such as rings or bracelets be worn. Long hair must be tied back, as well as dangling clothing items. Machines are not permitted to be operated while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2. Machine Operation. Machines are to be operated within the manufacturer's suggested usage. Failure to do so is considered neglect and you will be responsible for the replacement cost for any damage incurred through improper usage. Notify staff immediately if a machine is malfunctuioning.

3. Noise Levels. Please refrain from excessively noisy work where possible. As a shared space we want to be considerate of other members that are working.

4. Clean up. It is your responsibility to clean up your work area and any machines that you used. Clean up also involves returning any tools and supplies to either the toolroom and / or paint locker.

5. Pass Card. These are your responsibility to safeguard and use appropriately. Do not share pass cards with others and report lost / stolen pass cards to management. 

6. Booking EquipmentCertain equipment requires advance booking prior to use. Please follow the procedure to do this so that equipment use can be shared among members. Only one bookable piece of equipment can be used per booking time slot i.e. two laser machines cannot be used by one member during a booking timeslot.

7. StorageWe have storage areas and encourage the use of them to store your work-in-progress projects and / or materials. These storage areas are for temporary storage only. Temporary storage is considered to be a few weeks (3 - 4 weeks). NewMakeIt will notify you if your materials / projects are breaching the temporary storage procedure and encourage you to remove them from the premises. Please label all material with your name and date.  NewMakeIt reserves the right to take ownership of your materials / projects should you fail to comply with the procedure.

8. Projects If you desire to work on an oversized project or store large quantities of material, please seek authorization from NewMakeIt so that we can determine if we have the space for it.  An oversized project or materials are those considered unable to fit in the existing storage areas.

9 Scrap Materials. Minimize waste wherever possible and put usable scrap material in the marked container and all other waste in either the garbage bins or the dumpster outside. 

10 Chemicals / Hazardous MaterialsPlease seek authorization from NewMakeIt if you intend to use chemicals or hazardous materials during the construction of your project. Certain materials and chemicals can pose health risks to members in the form of allergic reactions and respiratory complications.

11 Locker Usage. Lockers are available if you have a membership level that allows for it. At the end of your usage, the locker must be cleared of all belongings. NewMakeIt reserves the right to take ownership of locker belongings should a member fail to remove them after advanced notice. 

 12 Co-Working Area. Maker members may use the Hot Desk area if there is vacancy but co-working members have priority access to these desks. Where possible, please minimize the use of tools and materials in this area. 


1 Be neighbourly. A bit of courtesy, respect and friendliness goes a long way so extend these towards your fellow co-workers.

2 Keep it clean. You are responsible for keeping the shared areas (kitchen, lounge, meeting rooms etc.) clean, so if you use something clean it and put it back.

3 Shared Amenities. Your membership gives you access to shared resources (meeting room photocopier kitchen / lounge areas etc.) that we encourage you to use mindfully.

4 Common Security. While we do have a security system with CCTV, please ensure things you deem valuable are not left unattended at NewMakeIt.

5 Office Cleaning. We have a professional service that comes in one a week to clean the office space, but you are responsible for cleaning outside of that i.e. kitchen utensils, desk surface etc.

6 Noise Levels. We have an open office work space, while we expect a certain level of noise we want you to be mindful and respectful of others.

7 Inclusive Workplace. We are a collection of individuals from varying backgrounds, experiences and characteristics but we are all equal.  Prejudice, bigotry or discrimination in any form is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. 

8. Resolving Conflict. If you have a disagreement with another member we encourage you to work it out. If you are unable to then contact our Community Coordinator to assist you. 


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